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Customer Reviews
BP1 Antibody (NB100-304)

Application: IHC

Sample Tested: Mouse thymocytes

Species: Mouse

Results: I needed to localize DSB repair at a single locus, so IHC was combined with DNA FISH. Many other antibodies failed because DNA FISH requires heating the cells to 80 degrees C which denatures most proteins. This anti-53BP1 antibody resulted in discrete, bright foci regardless of FISH hybridization.

FANCD2 Antibody (NB100-182)

Application: Western blot Sample Tested: PD20 cell line Species: Human

Ogg1 Antibody (NB100-106)

Application: IHC

Sample Tested: Human foreskin, adult ski, engineered human skin, keratinocytes, HaCaT cells

Species: Human