eBioscience ELISA试剂盒使用手册(一)

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Q. 铂金版ELISA试剂盒中有哪些组分?
What do Platinum ELISA Kits contain?

A、 试剂盒中包含ELISA实验用的所有组分,同时包含优化过的预包被酶标板。All reagents necessary to perform 1 or 10 plate ELISA assays, includingoptimized capture-antibody pre-coated plates.

Q. 铂金版ELISA试剂盒适用于检测哪些样本类型?
Which samples are suitable for Platinum ELISA Kits?

A、 大部分铂金版ELISA试剂盒可以检测常见ELISA样本,比如:血清、血浆、细胞上清及其他体液样本。详细信息可以查看对应产品的说明书。

Most ELISAs are suitable for serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants and other body fluids.Detailed information is given in the product manual for each individual kit.

Q. 使用铂金版ELISA试剂盒,标曲和样本是否必须做复孔?
Do I have to run the Platinum ELISA standards and samples in duplicates?

A、 不是必须。但是为了结果准确性,我们还是强烈建议您标准曲线和样本做一次重复。No, but it is highly recommended to make at least double determinations of each sample and standard point.

Q. 不同试剂盒或者不同批次的铂金版试剂盒中的组分能否混用?
Is it possible to use the reagents of other Platinum ELISA kits/lots?

A、 不可以。

The reagents within the Platinum ELISA kits are not interchangeable between different lots of the same kit or between kits against different analytes.

Q. 不同批次试剂盒说明书能参考使用吗?
Can I always use the same manual for different ELISA kit lot numbers?

A、 不推荐。建议您参考随货收到的产品说明书。

We recommend that you use the manual included with the Platinum ELISA kit.

Q. 铂金版ELISA试剂盒使用前有必要洗涤酶标板吗?
Is it necessary to wash the Platinum ELISA plates before usage?

A、 初始洗涤不是必须,但是为了检测结果更加准确,我们建议您进行该步骤的操作。An initial washing step is not necessary but recommended as accuracy may be increased.

Q. ELISA试剂盒说明书中的孵育时间可以随意延长或者缩短吗?
Are shorter or longer incubation times possible?

A、 为了获得更准确的检测结果,强烈建议您按照产品说明书推荐的孵育时间进行实验。Incubation times should be followed exactly as stated in the product manual to ensure optimal Platinum ELISA test performance.

Q. 使用铂金版ELISA检测样本时,我可以不稀释自己的样本,直接检测吗?
Can I omit the dilution of my Platinum ELISA samples with assay buffer/sample diluent when performing the assay?

A、 建议按照说明书推荐稀释度操作。

We recommend following the instructions for sample dilutions as provided in the manual. We cannot guarantee optimal performance of the assay if internal assay dilutions as instructed were omitted.

Q. 如果检测时发现试剂盒中组分看上去不足,怎么办?
What if it does not look like the supplied reagent volume is sufficient for running the Platinum ELISA?

A、 如果试剂看上去体积少,请务必在使用前短暂离心确保管内液体被收集到管底。

In case of small reagent volumes, please spin down vial before use to make sure to all contents are collected in the bottom of the tube.

Q. 除了试剂盒要求的保存方法,我可以按照其他方法保存吗?
Is it possible to store the reagents other than indicated?

A、 不推荐。如果试剂盒不按照说明保存,那么无法保证铂金版ELISA试剂盒质量。Performance of Platinum ELISA cannot be guaranteed if reagents are not stored as indicated.

Q. 铂金版ELISA试剂盒中是否有针对正常样本的检测值?
Do you have information regarding the normal values detectable with your Platinum ELISA Kit?

A、 您可以在对应产品说明书中“Expected Values”部分找到正常样本期望值。 但是这些值是我们实验室检测有限的样本后得到数据。我们强烈建议您的实验室通过检测您的研究群体获得样本正常值。

You can find expected "normal levels" listed in the Platinum ELISA Kit manual under "Expected Values".Please be aware that these normal values were obtained in our laboratories with a limited number of samples. We strongly suggest that each laboratory perform studies in order to establish normal range for their sample populations.