Vision Defense: Efficient Antibacterial AIEgens Induced Early Immune Response for Bacterial Endophthalmitis

  • 作者:Li T, Wu Y, Cai W, Wang D, Ren C, Shen T, Yu D, Qiang S, Hu C, Zhao Z, Yu J, Peng C, Tang BZ.
  • 期刊:Adv Sci (Weinh). 2022 Jul 6:e2202485.
  • 阅读原文


Bacterial endophthalmitis (BE) is an acute eye infection and potentially irreversible blinding ocular disease. The empirical intravitreous injection of antibiotic is the primary treatment once diagnosed as BE. However, the overuse of antibiotic contributes to the drug resistance of pathogens and the retinal toxicity of antibiotic limits its application in clinic. Herein, a cationic aggregation-induced emission luminogens named with triphenylamine thiophen pyridinium (TTPy) is reported for photodynamic treatment of BE. TTPy can selectively discriminate and kill bacteria efficiently over normal ocular cells. More importantly, TTPy shows excellent antibacterial ability in BE rat models infected by Staphylococcus aureus. Meanwhile, the bacterial killing behavior triggered by TTPy induces innate immune response at an early stage of infection, limiting subsequent robust inflammation and protecting retina from bacterial toxins and inflammation-induced bystander damage. In addition, TTPy performs better antibacterial ability than commercially used Rose Bengal, suggesting its excellent capability of vision salvage in acute BE. This study exhibits an efficient photodynamic antibacterial treatment to BE, which induces an early intraocular immune response and saves useful vision, endowing TTPy a promising potential for clinical application of ocular infections.